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Light in the Dark
Feature Film / Pilot

Peter Wiik

Fredrik Dolk, Mariah Kanninen, Rikard Lekander


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Light in the Dark

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Psychological drama / thriller

Description: A psychological Thriller about a couple on a deserted island, and a stranger.
Content: A couple on an island in the Baltic, gets an unexpected visitor; a russian man who is on the run from the authorities.
The couple gets into several dilemmas; is he a political refugee - like he says -, or is he a dangerous terrorist.
Director: Peter Wiik
Production: Merkur Film
Camera: Morten Larvad
Actors: Fredrik Dolk, Mariah Kanninen, Rikard Lekander
Year 2012
Format: 1:1.85
Dur: 07.00
Shot on location in Sweden - Måseskär Island . Shot on RED EPIC.
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